Performance Assessment

A tool that provides performance analysis and trends.

  • Company

  • Rogers Communications
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  • UX Designer
  • Contributions

  • Requirements Gathering
  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Hi-Fidelity Mockups
  • Usability Testing
  • Tools Used

  • Omnigraffle
  • Realtimeboard
  • Sketch
  • Invision
Rogers assessment tool


A training facilitator has a deep knowledge of the business with the ability to measure and assess staff training needs. The problem was that identifying the performance of a facilitator and the impact of a training curricula required manual inputs of spreadsheets, documents, and forms. Maintaining reports and measuring success of a curricula has also been a strenuous process.

In order to validate a facilitator's performance and the quality of a curricula, we have created a tool that could assess these problems. The performance assessment web app is a tool with dynamic interfaces, integrated reporting and is fully customizable per group. It is designed to manage the performance of the facilitators and measure and correlate behavioural performances with curriculum objectives. It also provides performance analysis and trends, and validates third party training performances.

User Flows

The application involves several tasks that are driven by user decisions. User flows were created to allow us to examine and understand each task. It also helps the developers understand how the system interacts with user behaviours. One of the important aspects of the user flow was designing it for the administrators, They are equally or perhaps even more important than all other users of the application as they would impact business needs. For example, focusing on accessing and maintaining each component, managing users, and pulling sensitive reports.

Rogers assessment tool


Low fidelity sketches and notes were created during whiteboard sessions and also by using collaborative tools like Realtimeboard. I then used these findings as a basis of my wireframes I created using Omnigraffle. Interaction patterns were included to identify how the behaviours worked for each component. I've also created another user flow with the wireframes to reassess the functionality and user needs.

Rogers assessment tool


Next step is the prototyping stage and I’ve chosen Invision for its speed and presentation. This prototype allowed me to collaborate with the team to identify any issues of usability, active/hover states, and transition concepts. The prototype was also used to assist in presentations with project stakeholders. As a result, this helped the business understand the application more clearly.

Rogers assessment tool Rogers assessment tool

Usability Test

After creating a test plan, we were able to conduct usability tests on real users. Participants are provided with a tablet or a laptop and observed while being asked to use the application. As I facilitated the session, it was also being video recorded to later assess and review. One thing I learn from these tests is that users will always surprise you in uncovering problems.

Rogers assessment tool

Visual Design

Working with the Rogers brand guidelines, I then identified the color, fonts, photography and tone for the visuals. Graphs and charts were added to visualize on information and place emphasis on critical data.

Rogers assessment tool Rogers assessment tool