Autotrader Nanosite

Mobile Nanosite designed for engagement.

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Mobile nanosites are like microsites in the space of a banner. Every nanosite is designed differently. The look and feel of nanosites will change dramatically from a creative standpoint because each client has different goals and objectives.

The Autotrader mobile app allows users to browse a selection of new and used cars through dealerships and private sellers. OEM automotive brands could create nanosites that will appear in relation to the user's active interests.


Volkswagen wanted to focus on their launch of the new Golf model. The nanosite is designed to allow the users to explore the new redesigned car in detail. The user has the ability to rotate the vehicle and change the paint colour.


The nanosite showcases the most important features as well as being able to browse their videos and photos of the car. The user will also be able to use the build and price functionality built into the nanosite. A prominent call to action at the bottom will then search the autoTrader inventory for the car.



While someone is searching for a new or used cars on the autoTrader app, a Ford nanosite may appear depending on the relevance of the active search. Ford wanted to feature their new Focus model with the ability to customize the paint colour but also the wheels and styling packages as well. A user could then use the inventory search that is built into the nanosite to browse through the autoTrader inventory.


The Ford Focus has quite a few different models and the user will have the ability to look into the details and pricing for each one. A call to action is placed on every model to give an opportunity to the user to easily search the autoTrader inventory for that specific model.